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Rules of the Caster

The Caster is an attractive play which allows an actionpalpitating the heart of the play. It is played with a cylinder, aball of ivory, and a carpet. The cylinder turns around a pivot and isdivided into 38 boxes (American Cylinders). 36 of these boxes arenumbered from 1 to 36, half being red, the other black one. There are2 green boxes 0 and 00.

The players misent against the bank on the carpet. Once thatthe settings placed reach the setting minimum, the ball is launched inthe basin. When the ball is stabilized in one of the boxes, theprofits are allotted. The players cannot bet any more but the maximumbet in one play. The bets minima and maxima are displayed in thecorner lower right of the screen.

The bets losers are withdrawn from the carpet and those whichgain are regulated according to the following table:

Setting placed on: (one must gain) Paid:
A simple number (full) 35/pour 1
One of the 12 numbers on the horizontal column (dozen) 2/pour 1
Horse (2 numbers) 17/pour 1
Full transversal (3 numbers) 11/pour 1
Square (4 numbers) 8/pour 1
6 numbers in 2 contiguous transversals (simple transversal) 5/pour 1
1st, 2nd and 3rd Column 2/pour 1
1st, 2nd and 3rd dozen 2/pour 1
5 numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 6/pour 1
Lower Passe(moitié), Manque(moitié higher), Black, Red,Par, Odd. 1/pour 1

For example, if your initial setting is of the $20 on asimple number (35 per 1) you receive your initial setting of $20, plus35 times your setting of $20 is $700. Other example, if you misez$100 on the red color (1 per 1), you will receive your initial settingof $100 plus a profit of $100.

The tokens placed below show all the types of possiblesetting



How to play:

Before starting to play Caster, be on
you are wellconnected to the Internet .
After having established connection, the Caster will requireof you to be identified. If it is your first connection and you donot have the Pseudo one, press on the button " New Player ".

You can always play with NULL tokens FREE! No real moneywill be put in plays when you play with these NULL tokens. The NULLtokens cannot beings bet with real tokens in same the plays.

You can buy real tokens with real money constantly whilecliquant on " Buying Tokens ".
You can constantly to exchange your tokens while cliquant on" Boxing ". The tokens come in the form from $1, $5 and $10. If youneed to exchange the tokens of a particular type (for example, 2tokens of $5) for tokens of another type (for example, a token of$10), make slip the tokens towards the corresponding pile (for exampleof the pile $5 worms that of $10). If the pile of destination isempty, (for example, you do not have any more a token with $5) placethe token to cover the number " 0 " displayed in bottom of the emptypile. Reclachez then the button of smiles and your token of $10 willbe transformed into two of $5. If you chose the Déconnecté mode,and that you wish to return on line and to play with money, cliquez on" LOGIN " in the corner higher right of the screen.

To carry out a bet, choose a number of token in the piles byusing the mouse, move it at the place where you wish to bet andrelacher the button with dropping tokens. You can move and to changethe bets until " Nothing go more " is announced and displayed in theline of Status into bottom of the screen.

Settings maxima and minima:

The settings maxima and minima are displayed in the cornerlower right of the screen. The ball is not launched as much as thesetting minimum is not reached. The players are not authorized to betmore than the maximum setting in a turn of the play. The player isresponsible for the correct position for his settings on the carpet.




The caster is composed d?un plate of 38 numbers, c?est withsaying 1 to 36, 0 and 00. Once the settings posed, one turns theplate and one places a ball on his external edge. The ball will thens?arrêtera on one of the numbered boxes once that the plate will slowdown. The numbers registered on the plate reveal in alternationnumbers odd, even, black and red. The two zeros carry the green colorand are located at the opposite ends of the plate. The goal of theplay is to determine on which number or which color goes s?arrêterthe ball.  

The table is laid out so that the 36 numbers form 3respective columns of 12 numbers. The numbers follow l?ordre naturaland can be either red, or black. There are two types of settings tothe caster: internal settings and external settings. 6 internalsettings: Number full, A horse on two numbers, full Transversal,Square, Fifth and Sixain. Three basic external settings: Equality,Column and Dozen. The types of settings and their number are limitedto no moment.  

To help to locate you last left gaining numbers, a smallwindow located in top on the right of your screen the poster. Thecommon sense wants miser on a number which n?est not left gainingsince one moment!  



Full number:   

For miser on a number, it is enough to place your tokens inthe center of the number in question (1 to 36, 0, 00). If this numbercomes out, you gain 35 times your setting.  

With horse on two numbers:   

You must place your tokens on the line separating twonumbers. If the ball s?arrête on one of these numbers, you gain 17times your setting.  

Full transversal:   

This enables you to cover three consecutive numbers with onlyone setting. For miser, place your tokens on the line external of theline on which you wish miser. If l?un of these three numbers comesout, you gain 11 times your setting.  


Place your tokens at l?intersection of four numbers; if l?unof these numbers comes out, you gain 8 times your setting.  


You can miser on l?un of the five following numbers: 0, 00,1, 2 and 3. Place your tokens on the external line separating the 0from the 1. If l?un of these 5 numbers comes out, you gain 6 timesyour setting.  


You allows miser on two lines of three numbers. Place yourtokens at l?intersection of the external line and line separating thetwo lines. If l?un of the 6 numbers comes out, you gain 6 times yoursetting.  


The 3 following external settings refund you your setting.  

Red or black:   

Misez on the red or the black. Place your tokens on the redbox or the black box.  

Miss or Passes:  

Allows miser on a number ranging between 1 and 18 or between19 and 36. Place your tokens on a box ranging between 1 and 18 orbetween 19 and 36. You lose if the 0 or the 00 come out.  

Par or odd:   

Allows miser on an even or odd number. Place your tokens onthe box par or the box odd. You lose if the 0 or the 00 come out.  

12 first, 12 of the medium, the 12 last:  

These settings divide the table of the caster into 3 seriesof numbers: 1 to 12, 13 to 2*** TRANSLATION ENDS HERE ***4 et 25 à36. Placez vos jetons sur l?une des trois cases suivantes : 12 premiers, 12 dumilieu ou 12 derniers. Le gain est de 2 fois la mise.  

0 et 00 :  

Misez sur le numéro0 ou 00 en plaçant vos jetons sur la case correspondante. Le gain est de 35fois la mise.  


Permet de miser surl?une des trois colonnes longitudinales de numéros. Pour miser sur unecolonne, placez vos jetons sur l?une des cases à 2 contre 1. Le gain est de 2fois la mise.